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Made by Spriggy. The team that built Australia's
top-rated pocket money app.

Made with families,
for families

Spriggy exists for our families. Everything we do is for you and your kids . We want to help give your family the future you deserve.

Invest your way

Set up an Investment Plan

Make regular investments for your kids. Choose how often and how much, we’ll handle the rest.

Make a one off investment

Boost your Invest total with a one off investment. Start early and finish strong.

Put away a little or
a lot and watch it grow.

Whatever big moment you’re investing for – those life-changing school years, their coming of age car or your kid’s first home deposit.

Your money, your call.

You’re able to withdraw your money when you need it, we don’t make you jump through hoops.

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Investment options that suit you

Investing can be intimidating, that’s why we’ve kept it simple. Choose from 2 investment options made up of some of the most successful entities around the world.

Aussie Top Stocks

Invest in some of Australia’s most successful companies.

Global Technology

Invest in some of world biggest technology giants.

Simple, transparent pricing

You've got enough on your plate, so we’ve kept pricing simple and transparent, the way it should be.

Type of fee or cost


Account opening fees


Account management fees (ongoing fees)


Transaction fees

$2 every time you buy, sell or switch investments up to $1000, or 0.2% for transactions greater than $1000

1 Other fees and costs may apply. Please see the PDS for more details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spriggy Invest?

I’ve never invested before, how does it work?

How does Spriggy Invest work?

Why should I invest with Spriggy Invest?

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

The earlier the better, start investing now

Investments for each of your kids

Add each of your kids so they can have their very own Investment plan and balance.

Brought to you by Spriggy

Brought to you by a brand you know and trust.

Start with your kids at any age

Time is on your side, start young and future you will be thankful.

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