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How it works

Gifting a Spriggy Invest gift card is a great way to show someone that you’re thinking about their future.

These are a few things you need to know before deciding to give someone a Spriggy Invest gift card

Check their eligibility

Firstly, the redeemer will need to be 18+ to create a Spriggy Invest account and make an investment. So if the gift is intended for a child, their parent or guardian will need to invest on their behalf. Redemption limits and other T&Cs apply.

Personalise and purchase your gift card

Write a message, choose an amount you would like to give and complete the payment (min $50 + $2 transaction fee).

Gift it to someone

We’ll email you the gift voucher with the code which you can share with the recipient.

A gift that teaches life skills!

Gifting a Spriggy Invest gift card may be more than just giving cash. You’re starting them on a financial journey with its highs and lows. More than the potential value of the investment, you’re giving them the opportunity to learn life skills as they watch their investments change over time.

How to redeem a Spriggy Invest gift card

Download the Invest app

Download our free Spriggy Invest app from the Apple App Store™ or Google Play Store™ and create an account or login.

Enter code

Once you've signed up, you can enter your unique gift code in the app to use the gift card.

Make an investment

Choose the investment option that's right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a Spriggy Invest gift card, how do I redeem it?

Is there a maximum amount for a Spriggy Invest gift card?

Can I increase the amount of a Spriggy Invest gift card?

Are there any fees?

Who can redeem a gift card?

What investment options are available?

For more information about the Spriggy Invest Gift Card, you should read the full Spriggy Invest Gift Card Terms and Conditions here.

A gift with the potential to keep on giving

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